Who We Are

Compassion In Care Trustees

The Trustees are all committed to reflecting the needs and the experiences of the helpline Callers and the Elderly in everything the charity does and to campaigning for Edna’s Law to protect Compassion In Care’s beneficiaries and the general public. The Trustees are supported by volunteers in The Whistler, who are whistleblowers from various sectors who support the charity’s beneficiaries and the campaign for Edna’s Law.

Stephen Honour

Stephen Honour’s commitment to fighting against abuse stems from his experiences when his Mum had dementia and suffered poor care. He also supported his partner Eileen Chubb throughout the BUPA 7 whistleblowing case and in setting up and running Compassion In Care.

Eileen Chubb

Eileen Chubb is Founder, Trustee & Director. She runs the helpline and is the public spokesperson for the charity. When leaving Isard House for the last time after whistleblowing she said “There is no compassion in care!” from which the charity’s name comes. All royalties from her 3 books, Beyond the Façade, There Is No ME In Whistleblower and Dismantling the Façade, go to Compassion In Care.

Maggie Roffey

Maggie Roffey has many years of caring experience and with Eileen she was one of the BUPA7 whistleblowers who tried to protect the Residents at Isard House. Her commitment to Compassion In Care is driven by witnessing what happens to elderly people and to the whistleblowers when no action is taken and there is no effective legal protection.

Karis Le Winton

Karis Le Winton became a whistleblower when she and colleagues at The Old Deanery care home raised concerns with all the relevant authorities. Eventually Karis found Compassion In Care which led to BBC Panorama filming undercover and to three abusers being jailed.