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Welcome to our collection of Reports on Care Homes conducted by Eileen Chubb on behalf of Compassion in Care

Home Number 9

…..All of the ground floor was extremely shabby with dirty walls and chipped and worn paintwork, several fire doors were wedged open. I was shown a bathroom which contained a stained bath and on a shelf above the bath a…

Latest Update Home 40 Wentworth Croft

Tales of The UN-InspectedUpdate on Home 40By Eileen Chubb Copyright 24/10/2016 The CQC finally rate this home inadequate after see-sawing for several years between, Requires Improvement and compliant.Staff at this home have told BUPA and the CQC for years that…

Home Number 8

A male resident was sat in front of the TV, he was unshaven and his trousers were heavily stained….

Home Number 7

The corridors were so narrow, I was amazed that this building could be used for this purpose, as it could only be descibed as a death trap in the event of a fire…….

Home Number 6

There were no staff and in room 122 I saw a male resident wearing only a pad and net knickers laying on the bed uncovered, the window was open…..

Home Number 5

I saw this lady was hit three times by the male resident sat on her right….

Home Number 4

A couple of minutes later one of the care workers tripped over this hose and fell hard face down, I asked her if she was alright and she said just shaken but at least it was not one of the…

Home Number 3

I was struck by how grateful bedridden residents were to see a passerby, many wanted a bit of company so desperatly it was sad to witness….

Home Number 2

The overpowering smell of urine was present throughout the whole home……….

Home Number 1

I was shown the main lounge where I was told activities took place, there were two care staff sat talking in one corner and one resident asleep in a chair. The carer showing me around saw the clock and in…