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Welcome to our collection of Reports on Care Homes conducted by Eileen Chubb on behalf of Compassion in Care

Home 16

…Not a single report was available….

Home 15

….The manager seemed to be in limbo without a clear part to play…

Home 14

…one to one care was actually being given….

Home 13

…I entered the front lounge and saw a frail female resident was the only person in the room, she was wearing pyjamas and was unkempt and smelt of faeces, she had advanced dementia and was attempting to reach the wall…

Home Number 12

…On entering the home I noticed that there were no odours and that the manager was in the main lounge with the residents. The manager said she would show me around. I saw that four care staff were sitting with…

Home Number 11

…The last CSCI inspection report for this home is dated December 2007, it grades this home as 1 star, meaning the care is adequate. An excellent care home is not even considered good whilst a bad one is rated good….

Home Number Ten

….All the residents looked happy and well cared for, as we went to walk out one lady put her hand out to the carer with me and said ” Can we play that game again this afternoon? ” It was…