Safeguarding Shambles Sussex Heathcare

The attached report is the investigation into the non investigation of Sussex Healthcare, this company was named in our 2015 report " CQC An Ongoing Concern" Which is still awaiting a response from Jeremy Hunt.
The attached report holds no surprises for me as I have seen first hand what safeguarding amounts to and we have raised these issues for years whilst others continued to peddle the safeguarding myth, giving credibility to a system that has never and continues to safeguard no one but the abusers.
There were two vulnerable people seriously harmed and the investigation ( I use the term lightly ) that followed shows the level of ignorance, complacency and incompetence that is the Safeguarding system.
What should not be forgotten is that this information would never have been either re-investigated nor made public but for the persistence of the two family's involved. I will be writing a fuller response to this as part of Ednas Law.

Eileen Chubb
Copyright April 2018

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