The Richard Turner Award

This is the new Richard Turner Award.

This award is dedicated to the late Richard Turner, who was the director of the social care regulator RIU at Bromley. The aim of this award is to drive up the standards of investigations into abuse; by recognising those individuals who act with integrity and commitment, in an area where abuse of vulnerable people is far too often accepted with complacency or ignorance and results in substandard investigations. Richard Turner investigated the BUPA 7 case and fully upheld the allegations as a direct result he was put under considerable pressure to tone down his inquiry report. Richard Turner was the first and only regulator to give evidence in court confirming that the whistleblowers were telling the truth about both the widespread abuse of vulnerable people and the harassment the whistleblowers were subjected to as a result of speaking out. This award is for any individual who investigated abuse with integrity, be they a regulator, police officer, social worker or judge. We want to celebrate those who stand out, whose common sense and diligence are a shining example in leading the way to change. Voting opens on October 1st and will close on May 1st, please send your nominations to [email protected] subject heading, “The Richard Turner Award”