Public or Self Interest?

The below story was published last month and focuses on whistle blowing in the financial sector and is an insight into how some people view whistle-blowing. Those who disclose information for financial incentives are not Whistle-blowers but Bounty Hunters. Whistle-blowers do deserve legal protection that includes fair compensation for the harm suffered and all whistle-blowers should be equally protected.

Financial incentives are abhorrent to every genuine whistle-blower. Doing the work I do I am humbled by the courage and integrity of whistle-blowers every day and know that those who bravely serve the public interest should not be exploited by the unscrupulous as a means of serving the self interest of a few.

WBUK Halford Hall says “That bounties are a moral good that they validate whistle-blowers and send a signal they have done the right thing”