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Mon 23/03/2020 - CORONA-VIRUS

Our Help-line remains OPEN as usual throughout this crisis,  07763 066063, Whistleblowers and familys of those in care need us at this time more than ever. 

Thu 19/03/2020 - Concerns Raised About WBUK Solicitor

The attached lists our detailed concerns about the solicitor used by WBUK to threaten us, via a letter ( Which was addressed to me but never sent to me either by email or post) but which was sent to the publisher of my new book, There Is No ME In Whistleblower, My publisher forwarded a copy of this letter to me or I would never have known of its existance.I would like to thank Chipmunka Publishing for their support as another publisher may have taken these unwarrented threats at face value and withdrawn my book from sale, which I can only conclude was the intention of WBUK and Mr Coad.

Mon 16/03/2020 - Threatened for Telling The Truth (Again)

Read our Full Reponse to Coad Law and WBUK


Thu 05/03/2020 - Alton House Closure, What CQC Did Not Say

The Full Story about Alton House. How 8 years of Failures become 2 Years with CQC slight of hand

Fri 21/02/2020 - There Is No Me In Whistle blower New Book

See amazon for details of my new book 

Fri 21/02/2020 - Open Letter To FCA Andrew Baily Re WBUK

How do regulaters investigate? read how we have been threatened by WBUK for raising legitamate concerns with the FCA

Mon 03/02/2020 - Cornwallis Care Home Burns Death

Read The Latest CQC re-reg Scam 

Thu 23/01/2020 - What Concerns The BEIS Department about Whistle blowing Law?

How The Department responsable for Whistleblowing acts on reported concerns, read our full letter

Mon 20/01/2020 - The Information Commissioner

Yet another regulator who is failing to fulfil any effective role. The latest letter to the Information Commissioner

Mon 06/01/2020 - To All MPs

Dear ( Each MP)

We are contacting you to inform you of serious concerns regarding the misconduct of the secretariat of the APPG on Whistle-blowing and the compromised “Office for the Whistle-blower” Law which will be put before MPS in the near future.


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