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Thu 09/11/2017 - Jeremy Hunt and Health Select Committee

We have sent yet another letter to Jeremy Hunt reminding him that we have been waiting since March 2017 for a response to our serious concerns. The letter has been copied to Health Select Committee also.

Thu 02/11/2017 - Thank You

Thank you to all those who help us do so much.

Fri 27/10/2017 - Reality (CCTV) Check

Read our new report on the use of CCTV in care homes.

Thu 26/10/2017 - Rentanabuser

We will respond to soon, we are currently working hard on our report on CCTV which will be published tomorrow.

Thu 26/10/2017 - Spare Room Care

We will be doing a response to this story as soon as time allows meanwhile we hope our stance is clear from our new poster

Fri 20/10/2017 - The Golden Rules

Our new series of posters highlighting what makes this charity different. See our twitter feed for full details

Wed 18/10/2017 - Private Eye

See tomorrows Private Eye page 38, a one page special including our work exposing CQC as continuing to provide the public with misleading information and untruthful statements. We will again bring these issues to the attention of The Health Select Committee as Jeremy Hunt has still failed to respond to date.

Tue 17/10/2017 - CQC A Likely Story

Read our new report What are the odds that CQC are telling the truth about these homes?

Sun 15/10/2017 - Sunday Times Care home injuries?

Page 10 of today's Sunday Times features a story about " 100 Elderly people a day badly hurt in care homes"

CQC Chief Social Care inspector Andrea Sutcliffe says "I am glad that care home providers are notifying us of serious of serious injuries that occur within their services"

The 100 people a day number was released by CQC, how accurate is this number?
How truthful is Andrea Sutcliffes statement?

Wed 11/10/2017 - Sussex Healthcare and CQC Failings

The company Sussex Healthcare which we exposed with Private Eye magazine in November 2015 regarding registering new homes to the same old owners.
See below links to our earlier work on this