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Mon 26/03/2018 - Same Old New Home

CQC continue to register homes as new. Grenville care home was listed today on the CQC website as a home rated inadequate. However we discovered that its alleged old owner was in fact the same owner. At the time grenville was archived and re-registered as new it was failing to meet the standards. CQC maintain they do not register providers with a past history of poor care and yet that is exactly what they have been doing and continue to do in spite of our earlier reports exposing this issue,

Wed 21/03/2018 - Same Old CQC

Two Care Homes, with the same address owned by the same company yet re registered to an alleged new provider. The public would enter the name of this home on the CQC website search and only the new version would show up. This home was inadequate when CQC archived its history and yet CQC say they do not register providers with a bad history.
This home is currently rated inadequate when inspected but crucially in the time in between these inspections the CQC website informed the public that the home has not yet been inspected but is likely to be good.

Tue 20/03/2018 - Our Response to the SCR Hillgreen Care Home Rapes

Read the SCR here


This report is our response to the serious case review, SCR into Hillgreen Care Home London. A copy of the SCR is attached.

The reason this SCR took place at all is due to the Times Newspaper running a front page story about CQC covering up a rape at a care home after documents were given to the Times showing who knew what and when.

Fri 16/03/2018 - Pharmacists in Care Homes Plan?

Response to Government Announcement re Pharmacists in Care Homes.

Today The Government announced its measures regarding the misuse of drugs in care homes

Wed 14/03/2018 - We Publish in the Public Interest

Please see our response to Morris Care Solicitors

Wed 07/03/2018 - Safeguarding Shambles 2


The following account is a family’s experience in a care home and the Safeguarding Authority’s failure to act. It should also be noted that this home is one of those involved in the CQC registration scam.

The Witness Evidence.

Thu 01/03/2018 - Our investigation into Parkview Care Home

Read our special report into the alleged investigation of Parkview care home, widespread failings with national implications.

Thu 22/02/2018 - Safeguarding Shambles

See our latest video report on failures to act investigate abuse

Thu 22/02/2018 - Does Jeremy Hunt Condone or Condemn this?

22nd February 2018

To Under Secretary of State Care and Mental Health
Jackie Doyle-Price MP.

You’re Ref PO-1099064

Dear Ms Doyle-Price,
Further to my numerous letters since March 2017 highlighting serious concerns regarding the misconduct of CQC, I am still awaiting a response.

This delay is completely unacceptable given both the seriousness of the concerns and the fact that I have provided supporting evidence that includes internal emails between CQC board members and Department of Health officials.


Ideal Care care homes were one of the company's we exposed in our report " CQC An Going Concern" This report and other serious issues were raised with Jeremy Hunt and to date we have not had a response.
We learnt this week that Ideal Care Homes had lost its recent court case with CQC regarding the inadequate rating giving to Ashwood Grange in Dewsbury