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Tue 28/05/2019 - Whorlton Hall BBC Panorama

I only have two criticisms of the Panorama programme which I must make clear are directed at the BBC editorial guidelines and not at anyone at Panorama who all do an amazing job given the constrictions on journalism today....

Fri 17/05/2019 - BBC You and Yours (Roseland Court)

Today I did an interview for BBC radio 4 "You and Yours" programme on abuse at Roseland Court care home in cornwall. I did not have time to say everything on the programme so this is my formal response to the case.

Firstly I note this home was rated good by the CQC at the time the abuse took place, no surpise there as most homes we recieve concerns about are also rated good by the CQC.

Mon 13/05/2019 - Why Do People Fight For Justice


....The next hardest thing? I always believed BUPA knew we were telling the truth but seeing the documents recently obtained, seeing it in black and white after 20 years of being publicly called a liar, has renewed my determination for accountability: not for revenge but for Edna and all those who suffered in Isard House and to ensure that all those who stood on the wrong side when it mattered most are exposed.


Mon 15/04/2019 - The Unfit and Improper CQC

CQC referring to duty of candour!  This concept applied to the CQC, reminds me of the several thousand incidents of blatant dishonesty they have been involved in. But to be fair they do have one specialty; breach of confidentiality; which is their particular strength.......

Tue 09/04/2019 - The Toxic Vicious Circle

Read editorial report on Why the Office for the Whistle-blower is a betrayal of whistle-blowers and the victims of abuse

Mon 08/04/2019 - PHSO a No Go

Read about making a complaint to the PHSO and why we need Ednas Law

Wed 03/04/2019 - My response to Department of Health re Misconduct

2nd April 2019



Dear Ms Hermanstein,

In reply to your email of today, ref DE-1162331,


You state, “I am writing in response to your complaint about the way that the Department has handled your correspondence, with

specific regard to the points you raise in your letters of 9 November and 7 January and your letters of 2 and 25

February. I will address your points in turn.”


Tue 02/04/2019 - BBC RADIO KENT April 2019

Hear  Eileen Chubb speak on BBC Radio Kent

Wed 20/03/2019 - No Safe Harbourer

My open letter to CQC re their idea of "Fit" 

Mon 11/03/2019 - Daily Mail Inspirational Women Awards

I was amazed to be one of 5 finalists in this award, it was an amazing experience, being presented to HRH the Duchess of Cornwall and attending the WoW reception at Clarence Hs.

Meeting the other finalists who are all amazing, Lisa, Liz, Victoria and Lorrain was the best thing,  I am arranging for us all to meet at the House of Commons in late April or early May as we have so much passion for what we are all campaigning on and  we want to help each other. Congratulations to them all and to Lorrain a worthy winner. Their storys are below and the videoss and news articals also,