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Tue 17/10/2017 - CQC A Likely Story

Read our new report What are the odds that CQC are telling the truth about these homes?

Sun 15/10/2017 - Sunday Times Care home injuries?

Page 10 of today's Sunday Times features a story about " 100 Elderly people a day badly hurt in care homes"

CQC Chief Social Care inspector Andrea Sutcliffe says "I am glad that care home providers are notifying us of serious of serious injuries that occur within their services"

The 100 people a day number was released by CQC, how accurate is this number?
How truthful is Andrea Sutcliffes statement?

Wed 11/10/2017 - Sussex Healthcare and CQC Failings

The company Sussex Healthcare which we exposed with Private Eye magazine in November 2015 regarding registering new homes to the same old owners.
See below links to our earlier work on this

Mon 09/10/2017 - The Selfish Society?

Read our response to Philip Lea MPs comments on the selfish society

Thu 05/10/2017 - BBC RADIO KENT

Yesterday morning I spoke on BBC Radio Kent on the issue of CCTV, we have a very clear stance on this subject based on the evidence. I appeared with Jayne Connery who campaigns for CCTV. Whilst unaware of this at the time, Jayne Connery is sponsored by Philip Scott who runs Zest care homes as well as Care Protect CCTV. Philip Scott was the man in charge of Southern Cross and Priory care homes, many of which are featured in our care home reports, Tales of the Un-inspected as well as numerous Private Eye articles.

Tue 19/09/2017 - Jeremy Hunt Continues To Fail Whistle-blowers

Read The Letters here

..." You state that “The Government is committed to ensuring that Whistle-blowers are supported and protected” I would pass that message to the 47 Whistle-blowers who contacted CQC with concerns and had their names given by CQC to their employers, only it would be adding insult to injury.

Wed 13/09/2017 - Latest letter To Andrea Sutcliffe CQC

13th September 2017

To Andrea Sutcliffe
Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care
Care Quality Commission

Dear Ms Sutcliffe,
In response to your letter of September 13th 2017,
Firstly I point out again that you already have all the information on the 47 Whistle-blowers who contacted you with their concerns and whose names you passed to their employers and suggest you check your own records as this would provide you with the information you need.

Tue 12/09/2017 - To The Health Select Committee

For the urgent attention of;
Members of the Health Select Committee

12th September 2017

Dear Mr Yardley,
Could you ensure this letter and attached evidence is brought to the attention of all committee members as a matter of urgency.
I have written ten letters to the Secretary of State for Health since March, I have received no response or acknowledgment to any of these letters.

Mon 04/09/2017 - The CQC Toxic Denial

See our response to the latest letter from Andrea Sutcliffe Chief Inspector Adult Social CQC,

Wed 23/08/2017 - Private Eye SHC Care Homes

See this weeks issue of Private Eye page 39, regarding what we told CQC and Health Department BEFORE people were harmed.