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Thu 19/11/2020 - Covid Crisis Report 14 Care Home Visits
Tue 03/11/2020 - The Safeguarding and CQC shambles

Reading the attached Safeguarding Adults Review report into Morleigh care Homes has become an all too familier experience for me. There are many who would and have attacked this Charity for highlighting these failures again and again. I can not read of the years of suffering, repeated alarms being raised to safeguarding and the CQC by both whistleblowers and familys of abuse victims; and not feel rage at the imcompetance, indifference and total inability to take action.

Tue 27/10/2020 - Academic Research & Whistleblowing Law
Thu 22/10/2020 - The Covid second wave, the killer policy continues

We respond to the information leaked to Amnesty re care homes human rights abuses

Mon 19/10/2020 - Call For Evidence Guidance

Please read this guidence prior to submitting evidence,

Wed 14/10/2020 - The European Parliament Award 2020

I was so honoured to be on the shortlist of 6 nominees for this years award. Thank you to all at GUENGL. The award is dedicated to the couragous Daphne Caruana Galizia,

To be listed among such couragous people of integrity is such an honour,


Chelsea Manning

Glenn Greenwald

The Novartis Whistleblowers 

Omar Rojas Bolanos


Sincere Congratulations to the amazing and well desrved award winners, Corrective, The Novartis Whistleblowers and Chelsea Manning. 

Tue 13/10/2020 - CQC Ratings, Bad At Being Good

Our report on CQC inspoection rating anomalies 

Mon 12/10/2020 - Health Department Our Latest Response

Read the latest response to the Health Department in our continuing battle for Government transparency and accountability on care home deaths

Wed 07/10/2020 - To The Charity Commission, Political Censorship

This Charity is so effective its feared and rightly so

Mon 05/10/2020 - In Right And Truth, Our Legal Statement

Our Legal Statement re The Charity Commission and WBUK, we thank all our supporters especially those charity law lawyers who contacted us appalled at how this Charity is being treated.