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Tue 29/09/2020 - The Killer Virus

Read our latest piece on Parliaments response to concerns 

Fri 25/09/2020 - Breaking The Silence BUPA Care Homes

Read our special report containing extensive research on abuse and neglect in BUPA care homes

Mon 21/09/2020 - Our Response to Proposed Whistleblowing Law
Wed 16/09/2020 - Covid Crisis Special Report 13, The Cost of No Scrutiny

Our 13th Covid Crisis Special report includes, the latest data on Whistleblowing and our FOI to the CQC for the costs of care home inspections during Covid

Mon 14/09/2020 - To Whom it SHOULD Concern

Our letter and FOI to Parliament and The Commitee for Standards in Public Life

Mon 14/09/2020 - A Whistle blowers Evidence

I have been asked to publish this witness statement, this evidence shows the personal cost of whistleblowing on mental health and the long term harm when trust is lost. So many good staff are leaving the care system, This Whistleblower has been broken by the struggle to stop vulnerable people being abused, this is the reality on the front line. When dangerous power abusers are flagged up at best they recieve " Retraining" You can not train such abusers. The whistleblower risks all to speak out and nothing is done to stop the abuse.

Wed 09/09/2020 - Urgent Alert Report On Hospital Discharge

Read our Report on Covid enmergencys powers and the impact on human rights and the vulnerable

Mon 07/09/2020 - Letter to ICO Re Malicious Allegations
Thu 03/09/2020 - The Naked Truth

This report contains never before published evidence and shocking disclosures

Thu 20/08/2020 - Government Silence

Our 12th Covid Crisis Report