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Wed 12/05/2021 - Further complaint Re Charity Commission ongoing conduct

Today the amazing Private Eye magazine reported on the disproportionate behaviour of the Charity Commission in response to the malicious complaints made by WBUK and endorsed by the APPG on whistleblowing.

These malicious complaints were made as a result of this charity recieving valid concerns about the organisation WBUK, we reported these concerns to the correct authorities and would do so again as we are not willing to turn a blind eye to abuse.

Wed 12/05/2021 - Our full Complaint Re Regulator Charity Commission
Wed 21/04/2021 - Truth Defence Report On WBUK

Please read this important report by truth defence ahead of tonights event at 6pm

Wed 17/03/2021 - Truth Defence Event
Wed 17/03/2021 - Behind The Mask

Whistleblowing during Covid

Wed 17/03/2021 - Whistleblowing World Ethical Data Event
Wed 17/03/2021 - World Ethical Data Event

Civil libertys during Covid

Thu 18/02/2021 - To Dep Health Re Covid Vaccines

We have been informed that vulnerable groups are being placed at risk of infection by having to travel a long way for vaccines, we have raised this and other issues with the DHSC today. See the whole letter

Thu 14/01/2021 - Covid Crisis report 18
Wed 25/11/2020 - Designated Disaster

Our 15th Covid report, we are the first again to reveal what desigated care home really means, how patients with covid are being discharged into poorly rated care homes putting thousends of lives at risk. Read our full report.