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Wed 13/05/2020 - Truth Must Speak Louder

Our Response to the latest political failures

Wed 06/05/2020 - When The Silence Wins Covid Crisis Helpline Data 4 Whistle blowing

Our latest report based on our helpline data, voices from the front line, 


Tue 28/04/2020 - The Care Industry Billions

The Below report published in November 2019 by The CHPI  is recommended reading especially at a time when those representing the Care Industry such as, Care England and The National Care Forum are using the Covid 19 crisis to once again call for more funding. Many small care homes may well be struggling but it can not just be assumed without a proper audit that care homes are running at a loss. Public money needs to be targeted at those genuinely in need.

Mon 27/04/2020 - Half Of All Covid Deaths

Our latest Helpline Data and the shocking facts that it reveals

Fri 17/04/2020 - Voices From The Front Line, Home-care

Our latest Helpline report, What home care staff are telling us, an appeal for PPE

Thu 16/04/2020 - Put The Honour into The Honours System

My Response to Matt Hancocks "Care Badge" and policy U turn

Wed 08/04/2020 - Shield The Vulnerable Except Those In Care!

Please read what is happening in care homes right now, how the government policy of shielding the vulnerable has excluded those in care homes who are being placed at risk by homes being asked to accept Covid19 patients from hospitals.

Mon 06/04/2020 - The Covid19 Social Care Crisis

The first of our special reports on helpline data, We will continue to keep you informed on the reality. Many helplines have closed but we will continue to stay open.

Mon 23/03/2020 - CORONA-VIRUS

Our Help-line remains OPEN as usual throughout this crisis,  07763 066063, Whistleblowers and familys of those in care need us at this time more than ever. 

Thu 19/03/2020 - Concerns Raised About WBUK Solicitor

The attached lists our detailed concerns about the solicitor used by WBUK to threaten us, via a letter ( Which was addressed to me but never sent to me either by email or post) but which was sent to the publisher of my new book, There Is No ME In Whistleblower, My publisher forwarded a copy of this letter to me or I would never have known of its existance.I would like to thank Chipmunka Publishing for their support as another publisher may have taken these unwarrented threats at face value and withdrawn my book from sale, which I can only conclude was the intention of WBUK and Mr Coad.