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Thu 01/07/2021 - Theft and Homophobic Abuse in Care Homes

Our letter to Cressida Dick asking why these crimes are not recorded by type and location and why the prosecution rates are not available

Wed 30/06/2021 - Our independent Charity Audit 2020
Wed 30/06/2021 - Police Do Not Record Site Of Crimes

Below is the response to our FOI  request to the Met Police asking for data on care home thefts, The police do not record site of crimes. Our helpline data shows a huge increase in care home thefts during Covid. Surely crimes against specfic members of the community should be recorded seperatly. We will take this up with the relevent authorities. Theft is dispicable but when the victims are defenceless and the thieves are in a position of trust, such crimes should be recorded and dealt with seperatly, 

Tue 29/06/2021 - Our Response to Charity Commission

This is a very important document highlighing the issue of lack of investigation skills and bias in regulators, this report contains very important information in regard to criminal offences also. 

Wed 16/06/2021 - Our Policy On Mandatory Vaccinations

Further to our interview on #LBC #NickFerrari  this morning please see our detailed video response here on Mandatory Vaccinations

Mon 14/06/2021 - Our Work On Homophobic Abuse In Care Homes
Mon 14/06/2021 - Report The Gables Surry GU22 7DY

The Transcript of BBC Surry, plus our report into this care home, Please note the owners of this home are Mr and Mrs J Boodia as there are various other homes with the same name. Today we were denied access to the CQC website, which asked for our identity. We have asked CQC why they would ask people to identify themselves in order to look at inspection reports, which should be publicly available. This also has implications for whistleblowers confidentiality as many whistleblowers continue to look at inspection reports long after whistleblowing.

Tue 08/06/2021 - Covid Report 21 Thefts in Care Homes

Read our latest helpline data. This charity is the first again to expose these shocking issues.

Mon 07/06/2021 - Our evidence to parliament re investigation into APPGs

For Sale to the highest bidder, influence for sale, lobbying and dishonesty our evidence to the select commitee 

Mon 24/05/2021 - Covid Compliant or Complacent

Read our report on Holmesley Care Home, rated Covid Compliant but where Covid spread through the home resulting in deaths