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Fri 15/11/2013 - In The News - September 2013

In The News
September 2013

Two Scottish care homes are at the centre of allegations of abuse and neglect.

Pentland Hill care home in Edinburgh owned by BUPA, police are investigating the deaths of four residents.
The son of a resident at the home told the Edinburgh Evening News that his mothers treatment at the home was ,, A Disgrace,,

Fri 15/11/2013 - Update on Home 44
                           Update on Home 44
                              By Eileen Chubb
                        Copyright November 2012
The report I wrote on Home 44 is copied below and it quite clearly highlights serious concerns about care in this home as far back as 2008 especially in the area of pressure sores. The Owners fobbed of the regulator with repeated promises of changes being implemented.
Fri 15/11/2013 - Update on Home 59
Update On Home 59
By Eileen Chubb
Copyright August 2012
Yesterday’s Daily Mail ran the story of Care Worker Mirela Aionoaei, who poisoned vulnerable residents with illegally obtained drugs including sedatives and Anti-psychotics in order that she could sleep through her night shift. The question where did she obtain these drugs? has not been asked.
Fri 15/11/2013 - Update on Home 108

Tales of The Un-Inspected
By Eileen Chubb©
Update on home 108


I recently made a further visit to home 108 and noted the following,