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Thu 09/09/2021 - Covid Designated Homes

We have discovered that two inadaquate and 13 requires improvement rated Care Homes are being used to discharge Covid positive hospital patients into. We will continue to monitor this situation and report on this issue. If a care home is not safe safe for existing residents, then introducing Covid positive patients is all the more dangerous. This places all the vulnerable people affected at high risk.

Tue 24/08/2021 - Tall Trees The Full History

The BBC have recently reported on abuse that that was not acted on at the above Care Home see 

The care home in question featured in our report, CQC an Ongoing Concern which was published several years ago and lists the full historys of care homes being wrongly registered as new providers, see

Tue 10/08/2021 - McDermott v Sellafield

Read our conclusions on this case and why its so important that only genuine whistleblowing cases can access justice.

Wed 04/08/2021 - International Edna's Day

Tomorrow August 5th 2021 we launch #InternationalEdnasDay This is the first event of its kind, remembering all those who died or were harmed because a whistleblower was ignored or staff too afraid to speak out. Edna was a victim in the Isard Hs abuse case ( BUPA 7 Whistleblowers) Edna had no family and whilst she was one of many abused, she was completely voiceless and her life dependent on whistleblowers being heard. #EdnasLaw is dedicated to her.

Wed 14/07/2021 - Beyond the Rule of Law Part 4
Wed 14/07/2021 - Beyond The Rule Of Law Part 3
Tue 13/07/2021 - Beyond The Rule Of Law Part Two, Contempt For Evidence

Read this report containing shocking evidence, published for the first time, showing the conduct of a regulator and be very concerned at how expendable the truth is.

Mon 12/07/2021 - Beyond The Rule Of Law, Part 1

Part One of the Charity Commission Evidence,

Thu 08/07/2021 - Denied Vital Evidence, Our Challenge


From Eileen Chubb

Compassion In Care


To Data & Information Rights Charity Commission

Your Ref LW/7000171/c-014507/DPA


Dear Mrs L.W

I am appealing your response to my Subject Access Request, for the following reasons,


Tue 06/07/2021 - The Consequences of Raising Concerns

When valid concerns are raised about the care of a loved one, how those concerns are responded to, is the true benchmark in judging if a care home is good or bad. Unfortunately, the attached experiences of families is far too common in homes rated good by CQC.