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Wed 01/07/2020 - Covid Crisis Report 9, To Boris Johnson

This report puts the questions to Boris Johnson that need to be asked about the avoidable deaths of care home residents and social care staff. It reveals the numbers of deaths in residential homes and nursing homes for the first time and our evidence that seditive drugs were misused in some care homes to comply with social distancing and isolation guidence...

Tue 23/06/2020 - Covid Crisis Report 8, The Link Between Whistle blowing and Detriment

Our 8th Covid Crisis Special Report

Thu 18/06/2020 - WBUK ,The Biggest Threat To Whistle blowers

This information revealed in this report is shocking

Tue 16/06/2020 - To The Prime Minister, Whistle blowing

Read our letter to Boris Johnson on whistle-blowing protection...

Tue 09/06/2020 - Locked Down To Scrutiny But Open To Covid

Covid Crisis Report 7, 

Wed 27/05/2020 - Testing Company Culture

Our latest helpline data report

Tue 26/05/2020 - Journalism Under Attack

Please read the attached letter to the ICO . We will never disclose sources of information. Georgina Halford Hall CEO of WBUK has asked us to disclose confidential whistleblower information, The implications of this ICO judgement  will adversly affect journalists and whistleblowers across the UK. We give all those contacting our helpline absolute assurence that we will never disclose their information,. We have no choice but to publish our response  so people can be reassured.

Fri 22/05/2020 - The Bodies & Truth Being Buried

Our Latest report on Covid 19 withholding of information and blocking access to parliament 

Thu 21/05/2020 - The Covid 19 Care home Policy

The attached is a copy of the fatal Government Policy to discharge patients with Covid 19 into care homes

Tue 19/05/2020 - Helpline Report 5, Covid The Ongoing Damage

Covid Crisis Report 5, Voices from the front line