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Thu 07/01/2016 - Guarding the public from CQC

See Private Eye ,18th of December 2015 for a report of Compassion in Cares work exposing the CQC, Care homes alledged to be new given clean slate by the CQC.

Wed 11/11/2015 - SLEEPING WATCHDOG

See the new issue of Private Eye which features Compassion In Cares comprehensive work on poor care homes and CQCs inability to deal with bad homes.

Wed 14/10/2015 - latest Private Eye

See the new issue of Private Eye for more on our work to expose relative retribution, The truth about the CQC and Safeguarding failing people. We need Ednas Law to protect whistle-blowers and the vulnerable, you can support Ednas Law here 

Wed 07/10/2015 - Response to Private Eye

We have received a huge response to the Private Eye article with many people contacting us for help and giving us information about the state of care. Look out for more news shortly on the work we do everyday to expose and stop abuse.

Eileen Chubb

Thu 01/10/2015 - Private Eye

Please see the new issue of Private Eye Magazine which is published today. Page 40, "Booting The Messenger" A story about our help-line cases.

Wed 30/09/2015 - Breaking The Silence 4

We have been contacted by a further 2500 Whistle-blowers since April 2014, we are working hard to compile this evidence into Breaking The Silence part 4.

Wed 30/09/2015 - Relative Retribution

Private Eye Magazine today publishes a story about my report on relative retribution in care homes. The cases highlighted are truely shocking and include relatives being banned or threatened with eviction, one elderly couple had visiting restrictions placed on them,

Wed 09/09/2015 - Safeguarding in Action

Yesterday I attended a Safeguarding meeting to support a family who had raised concerns about a care home. I am well aware that safeguarding fails to keep people safe. This morning I was interviewed on BBC Radio Kent on the issue of increased safeguarding referrals and what this increase means. 

Mon 08/06/2015 - The Improved CQC?

There continues to be national press coverage for CQC inspections and those care homes rated inadaquate. However homes 85 and 86 in Tales of the Un-inspected are yet to recieve a new improved CQC inspection. These homes from hell were last inspected in early October 2014, 9 monthes ago, when the abysmal state of the care provided was again noted by the CQC but no further action taken.

Fri 22/05/2015 - Our work 2014/2015

Compassion in Care

Work Report 2014/15




New web-site designed, more user friendly.


Worked with Private Eye magazine to get a story published exposing poor care and failures in the complaint system.


Compiled an abuse awareness training pack, aimed at those visiting care homes either as a relative looking for home or as a Health Watch visitor.