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Wed 03/08/2016 - Statement on CQC Video

In Light of the recent public statements by David Behan and Andrea Sutcliffe of the CQC with regard to Des Kelly OBE, I will be publishing all the three hundred pieces of Independent factual evidence that proves what Mr Kelly knew, when he knew it and what he did about it. All those who have harboured Mr Kelly and allowed him to rise to such a powerful position will have to answer for the stance they have taken in protecting a man who denied and covered up abuse and consistently called the whistle-blowers liars.

Fri 29/07/2016 - Care Home Death Rates

29th July 2016

Andria Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector Adult Social Care CQC

Dear Ms Sutcliffe,
In response to your letter of July 6th,

You refer to your improved inspection process and as evidence to support this you cite your recent prosecution of a Bradford care provider.

However at the time of the residents death this particular home was inspected and rated good by the CQC, you reacted after the death and only then found the home failing.

Thu 14/07/2016 - Care Homes Update

Our report “ CQC An On-going Concern” featured the home Huntercombe Hall on page 44 along with all the homes owned by Caring Homes Ltd, which have been re registered to the same company.

Huntercombe Hall has been in the news this week.

Mon 27/06/2016 - OUR WORK FOR THE YEAR.

Compassion In Care 
Summary of work from May 2015 to June 2016 
May 2015  
11th and 12th Attended an Employment Tribunal whistle-blowing case to support a whistle-blower. Arranged for a documentary film maker to attend and highlighted the lack of protection.  
15th    Recorded an interview about our work via Skype for Euro TV to be broadcast later in year. 
Submitted our evidence on whistle-blowing to a Canadian review on international whistle-blowing laws. 


8th June 2016

Dear Mr Burt,
Thank you for your letter of May 10th 2016,
Firstly I would point out that PIDA is not the remit of The Home Office, the Department responsible is Business,Innovation and Skills. However I can understand your confusion as the Criminal offences that are part of many PIDA cases are certainly not a matter of business but of criminal justice.

Tue 24/05/2016 - Home Number 40 latest update

For years we have highlighted concerns about this care home,Bupas Wentworth Croft in Peterbrough, See Tales of teh Un-inspected home 40.

Mon 23/05/2016 - Cloak of Respectability

I would like to thank all those who wrote comments in response to the following Guardian article, article  I was heartened that so many people truly understood the issues and also that they acknowledged those vulnerable and priceless human beings who suffered horrendous abuse at Isard House. 

Wed 11/05/2016 - OUR VIEW ON CCTV



Covert cameras: 

We advise people to raise concerns in writing with the care home and if no action is taken then to contact the CQC and the local authority. If these take no action, we then advise the use of covert cameras. 

The use of covert cameras continues to be the most effective method in exposing not only the abuse taking place but also the failures of the relevant authorities to act. We are completely in favour of individuals using covert cameras. 


Private Eye Issue Number 1418

Features former Southern Cross and The Priory Group CEO Philip Scott who has a new money making venture seelling CCTV, Care Protect.

To see the full history of Compassion in Cares work with Private Eye that exposed the Appalling suffering that occured in both Southern Cross and Priory care homes see the below issues of Private Eye,

1265, 1266, 1267, 1272, 1290, 1293, 1298, 1301, 1336,


Private Eye Issue 1416

See Compassion In Cares work with Private Eye to help expose the death of Cedric Skyers 69 who was engulfed in flames and suffered fatal burns at Bupas Manley Court Nursing Centre in New Cross, the year before staff at this home had blown the whistle and told CQC that staffing levels were so low residents were at high risk. The same page also features a story on The Old Deanery care home in Essex which was featured in BBC Panorama after whistle-blowers contacted Compassion In Care.