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Tue 17/01/2017 - Evictions and Restrictions, Review of The First 400 Cases

The facts that tell us what is really going on in care homes, see our Case Review

Fri 13/01/2017 - A whistle-blowers story of being failed by the NMC and CQC.

See the full story in our Breaking the Silence Section
We wrote to the NMC over two years ago about the increasing number of whistle-blowing nurses being falsely reported . We have yet to receive a response. The CQC also continue to fail both whistle-blowers and the vulnerable. The safest people in the care system are the abusers, they are protected by the NMC, CQC and PIDA. Only Ednas law can change this.

Eileen Chubb

Tue 10/01/2017 - Our Response To The Leveson Inquiry

Please see for our response to the Leveson Inquiry

Mon 09/01/2017 - Death of Gillian Ward

We regret to announce the death of our trustee, loyal supporter and dear friend, Gillian Ward ( Deddie Davis). Gillian will be known to many for her acting career in countless roles, The Railway Children, Pride, Miss Marple, Stella but to name a few.

Wed 07/12/2016 - Unaccommodating care homes

On reviewing the evidence from help-line contacts that followed the BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme about bans and evictions from care homes the following themes have emerged,

Mon 05/12/2016 - CQC continue to fail Whistle-blowers

See the below link for a new report on whistle-blowing by Minh Alexander, Pam Linton, Clare Sardari and a fourth NHS Whistle-blower.
CQC incompetence and complacency has cost countless lives and allowed abuse and neglect to continue unchecked, The conduct of the CQC can no longer be excused or justified, the rot goes too deep and the harm done has reached epic proportions. Its time to blow the final whistle on CQC and hold them to account.

Wed 30/11/2016 - Smearing Whistle-blowers

No End To Smear Campaigns.

I have known Ian Perkin the NHS Whistle-blower for a number of years and know that he is a genuine Whistle-blower and a man of great integrity. Anyone who read all the evidence in Ian Perkins Whistle-blowing case could only conclude that a grave injustice has taken place.


Tales Of The UN-inspected

The On-going Failures of The CQC and Home 42
By Eileen Chubb
Copyright November 2016

Home 42 was first exposed by Compassion in Care in 2004, 12 years ago Phyllis Jewson, aged 90 fell whilst being hoisted and suffered a Fatal brain injury.

We also exposed two further incidents that were not mentioned in the CQC Inspection reports at all,

Fri 04/11/2016 - Restrictions and Evictions, The CQC Guidance

The BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme on the 2nd of November 2016 exposed that bans and evictions were happening as a result of raising concerns about a care home.

We would like to thank BBC Journalist Sangita Myska for helping us to expose the scale of this issue.

Fri 28/10/2016 - Update on Home 40 Wentworth Croft

Tales of The UN-Inspected
Update on Home 40
By Eileen Chubb
Copyright 24/10/2016