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Tue 25/04/2017 - More Special Reports

We are currently working on more special reports which will be published soon.

Mon 24/04/2017 - The Travesty of Whistle-blower Protection

Read our latest letter to Jeremy Hunt

Fri 21/04/2017 - Contempt for Evidence Report

See the new report here

Tue 11/04/2017 - 900 Care Staff Quitting Each Day?

I was alerted to this story early today, The story originated from the BBC who reported that 900 care staff were leaving the care sector each day according to organisations representing the care industry. The angle of the story implying that the care industry is in meltdown and needs more and more money.

Wed 05/04/2017 - Ednas Law Part 1

We are currently working on our next special report, Ednas Law Part 1, which we will publish in the next few weeks.

Fri 31/03/2017 - Pretence of Protection from Blacklisting

The latest Government announcement that Whistle-blowers are allegedly to be protected from Blacklisting is a complete joke.

Thu 23/03/2017 - CQC protest by Dr Minh Alexander

Read Dr Alexanders brilliant article here

Wed 22/03/2017 - Todays Protest at the CQC

Please see the letter handed into the CQC today.
Thank you to all those who attended todays event.

Wed 08/03/2017 - RT "Going Underground " Interview

please see the video section for our interview with RT,

Fri 03/03/2017 - The Public ( Interest) Enemy No 1

See our special report in response to the Law Commission Consultation on The Official Secrets Act. This forms part of Ednas Law