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Wed 13/09/2017 - Latest letter To Andrea Sutcliffe CQC

13th September 2017

To Andrea Sutcliffe
Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care
Care Quality Commission

Dear Ms Sutcliffe,
In response to your letter of September 13th 2017,
Firstly I point out again that you already have all the information on the 47 Whistle-blowers who contacted you with their concerns and whose names you passed to their employers and suggest you check your own records as this would provide you with the information you need.

Tue 12/09/2017 - To The Health Select Committee

For the urgent attention of;
Members of the Health Select Committee

12th September 2017

Dear Mr Yardley,
Could you ensure this letter and attached evidence is brought to the attention of all committee members as a matter of urgency.
I have written ten letters to the Secretary of State for Health since March, I have received no response or acknowledgment to any of these letters.

Mon 04/09/2017 - The CQC Toxic Denial

See our response to the latest letter from Andrea Sutcliffe Chief Inspector Adult Social CQC,

Wed 23/08/2017 - Private Eye SHC Care Homes

See this weeks issue of Private Eye page 39, regarding what we told CQC and Health Department BEFORE people were harmed.

Wed 23/08/2017 - HC1 and Bupa

The HC1 acquisition of a number of BUPA care homes will make HC1 the largest Care Home chain. We seem to be the only ones who remember the Southern Cross care home scandal, that could be because we had gone into over 60 Southern Cross homes undercover and witnessed first hand the horrific conditions endured by vulnerable people, staffing levels that made giving even basic care impossible. Our Tales of the Un-inspected on these homes make grim reading.. When Southern Cross had stripped all assets and made enough profits and fled before the company finally went bust.

Tue 22/08/2017 - The HUNT for Justice and Accountability

Our new report detailing the abysmal failures of the CQC and what Jeremy Hunt has ignored

Tue 15/08/2017 - CQC Betrayal of Whistle-blowers

Read the latest on CQC betrayal of Whistle-blowers

Wed 09/08/2017 - Protest and Picnic

On the 18th of August 2017 we will be holding a protest at The Health Department, Richmond Hs, Whitehall. For full details please see our twitter feed. We are posting daily information on this event.

Wed 09/08/2017 - Perjury

See our article on Perjury in Tribunals

Thu 27/07/2017 - Action on Elder Abuse Campaign

Due to the the recent Daily Mail story below I feel we have to respond to these issues,