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Wed 09/09/2020 - Urgent Alert Report On Hospital Discharge

Read our Report on Covid enmergencys powers and the impact on human rights and the vulnerable

Mon 07/09/2020 - Letter to ICO Re Malicious Allegations
Thu 03/09/2020 - The Naked Truth

This report contains never before published evidence and shocking disclosures

Thu 20/08/2020 - Government Silence

Our 12th Covid Crisis Report

Tue 11/08/2020 - Who are We protecting Whistle blowers From?
Thu 06/08/2020 - My Submissions to the Charity Commission re WBUK malign attacks
Wed 05/08/2020 - Response to Charity Commission re WBUK malicious allegations

A response from M.Roffy

Mon 03/08/2020 - Not So Sweet 16

The 16 worst rated care homes, 8 inspected monthes ago and the information only just made public.

Tue 28/07/2020 - Covid Crisis 11, The Ashford Care Home Deaths

Our report on the Ashford Care home deaths

Wed 15/07/2020 - Covid Crisis Special Report 10

"Whistleblowing is NOT a business opportunity but a service to human rights"