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Fri 14/09/2018 - A Family Story,

The following story alas is one of so many. The failures of CQC and Safeguarding are clearly apparent yet again.

Tue 04/09/2018 - There is No US whistle-blowing protection

By Eileen Chubb
© August 2018
There is no US law to protect whistle-blowing

As we have proven in the last week the US so called Whistle-blowing laws have nothing to do with Whistle-blowers at all, but are bounty hunting.
The US false claims act is a false claim in itself.

Thu 30/08/2018 - The Root Of All Evil

The Root of All Evil
By Eileen Chubb ©

They say the love of money is the root of all evil and I can understand why after the events of the last five days, this is my official response to those events.

Tue 28/08/2018 - Whistle-blowing v Bounty Hunting at By-line festival

Please see for the full film footage. Eileen Chubb speaks against Bounty Hunting.

Sat 25/08/2018 - The Bounty Hunters Exposed

The Bounty Hunters Exposed

By Eileen Chubb ©

We have always been clear on the issue of Bounty Hunting, and have been among the very few who have not only opposed this but have repeatedly openly condemned Bounty Hunting as the enemy of every genuine Whistle-blower.

Wed 15/08/2018 - Health Department Dishonesty

The latest from the Health Department
Read how the assurances given in 2017 that our serious and longstanding concerns were being acted on and what action was taken.

Thu 19/07/2018 - Parkview part 3

See truth behind the CQC spin

Mon 09/07/2018 - Book Review One,

Book Review By Christine England NHS and Social Care Whistle-blower

There is no, me, in Whistle-blower. By Eileen Chubb

"Stand by for howls of "it's impossible!" from a lot of powerful people because this book challenges them all with a simple question about whether they uphold the Rule of Law (as defined by Lord Denning), and examines what "the public interest" really is.

Wed 04/07/2018 - There Is No "ME" In Whistle-blower

Read about Ednas Law New book

Tue 22/05/2018 - Helpline June Shutdown

We are closing the help-line for the month of June in order to complete our work on Ednas Law. This is the first and only time we have ever closed the help-line but in order to truly help people we need to complete work on Edna's Law. This work has to be a priority because Ednas Law will ensure people are protected in the first place.

Eileen Chubb