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Tue 03/09/2019 - The Gavin MacFadyen Award 2019
Wed 14/08/2019 - To CQC re Parkview Care Home Fraud We Exposed
Mon 12/08/2019 - BBC You and Yours 12th August

I have just listened to ,You and Yours, which featured a piece about an elderly lady who was in hospital and whose family were told would be evicted if she did not not go to the care home placement being offered to her. This was a badly rated care home. This lady was later sexually assaulted by a member of staff. At no time did the programme pick up on one crucial piece of evidence: A secound member of staff was present, a potential whistleblower who could have spoken out at the time, (resulting in the evidence being preserved) but who did not, why? because whistleblowers are not safe.

Thu 01/08/2019 - CQC FAIL TO CHECK FRAUD
Tue 30/07/2019 - The Office For Parliamentary Standards

We have submitted a formal complaint against the APPG on whistle-blowing.

Read the full report 

Mon 22/07/2019 - To Norman Lamb at the BEIS Department 2014

This letter confirms our consistant approach in our efforts to get whistlebloers protected.trawling through the hundreds of letters written to MPS over 20 years of constant campaigning, it is very interesting to note who knew what and when and what they did not do about it.

Mon 22/07/2019 - "We can not burden business with whistle blowing Law "

This is one of many letters to and from the Department of Business,energy and industrial strategy and myself. These letters tell us a lot about the loyalties of this Department and why whistle-blowers have not been protected by law, unless you include PIDA which we do not.

Tue 16/07/2019 - The Scandal Behind UK Whistle-blowing Law

                                                                              The scandal behind UK Whistle-blowing Law

                                                                                                By Eileen Chubb©


                                          This reported is unfunded and driven by serving the public interest. The income we make from advocating Edna’s Law is

Wed 10/07/2019 - Melville, The Cost of Poor Care

Our report on Melville Care Home showed this home had been providing appalling standards of care for 9 years, We made a Freedom of information request to the Local Authority who were using public mpney to pay for care at this home. The cost 4.5 million pounds. The payment system is exposed as only allowing for over payments made in error to be recouped.

Thu 04/07/2019 - Response To APPG Whistle-blowing Debate

 To Parliament.

                     Official Statement by Eileen Chubb.


                              BUPA 7 Whistle-blower

Founder and National Director, Compassion in Care and The Whistler


          In response to the Whistle-blowing debate 3/July/2019



The APPG has been set up by Norman Lamb and Stephen Kerr and the appointed secretariat is WBUK.