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Mon 04/02/2019 - HC One Special

Read how nursing Homes who are claiming NHS continuing Heathcare funding are providing little or no nursing care in return.

 Note Sir David Behan is now a director of this company..


Thu 31/01/2019 - Where You Stand

If you can distance yourself from the suffering of human beings:

If you think in terms such as "shortening lives" rather than killing people:

If you can turn a blind eye to the truth and live with it:

If you can weigh the risks taken by Whistle-blowers and still betray their trust:

If you have the power to act, but choose to do nothing:

If you can tell others not to be emotive about the suffering of their loved ones:

If you can take funding from those implicated in abuse:

Thu 24/01/2019 - Gosport Families Slapped in Face By PHSO

Read our shocking report and questions to PACAC re Gosport plus damning evidence from secound Hospital Whistle-blower re Sir Liam Donaldson 

Mon 21/01/2019 - APPG on Whistle-blowing

We have fought for 20 years for an independent inquiry into the cases of whistle-blowers failed and harmed by the very law that was supposed to protect them. ( The Public Interest Disclosure Act) We continue to fight for this inquiry and also on the separate issue of Ednas Law, which warrants a separate inquiry.

Fri 11/01/2019 - Daily Mail Women of the Year

I would like to thank all those who nominated me for this award which led to the Daily Mail writting about five people nominated and our work and contact details This was published on 10th of January 2019. This has led to us being able to help many more people who contacted us as a result of the artical, so thank you Daily Mail. For Edna


Wed 09/01/2019 - Relatives and Residents Association an Open Letter

.....The second issue is your choice of trustee, Des Kelly, as you are fully aware of the evidence against MR Kelly, which was provided to you personally when the BUPA 7 contacted your organisation for help, help we did not receive.


Mon 07/01/2019 - The Health Department promise Action?

Read the Health Department letter and our full response

Wed 12/12/2018 - Private Eye, CCTV Myth Exposed

See our quote in tomorrows Private Eye Magazine and read our reports on this issue. If you want to know the facts about how effective CCTV is in care homes then read our evidence.

CCTV will not stop abuse only Ednas law will do this

Tue 11/12/2018 - BBC1 CARE

My review of the BBC1 Drama, Care.

Jimmy McGovern has always been my favourite writer except when he writes with others. The acting in this drama was surpurb especially Alison Steadman whose portrayal of Mary should win every award for this heartrendering perforformance and as always Sheriden Smith delivers a brilliant performance as Jenny. The Drama tried to tackle important issues and should be applauded for this.

Mon 10/12/2018 - Reality (CCTV) Check

We are republishing this report in the news section for convenience as it is relevent to forthcoming events