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Mon 04/11/2019 - WBUK and APPG, My Questions To The BEIS Department
Wed 30/10/2019 - WBUK and the APPG Scandal

Below is a summory of the work we have done this year to expose the ethically compromised WBUK and The APPG on whistleblowing and the resulting risk to public safety and whistle-blowers

Wed 30/10/2019 - Private Eye Issue 1508

Private Eye covers our exposure of CQC and its re-registration scam today,

Tue 29/10/2019 - "Good" For Nothing, CQC Ratings. Parkview

My Response to the latest Report in the continuing Saga of Parkview......

Thu 24/10/2019 - Complicit in Compliance

Our response to the Protect PCAW, whistle-blowing law proposals. 

Tue 22/10/2019 - Our Work for The Year Report 2018 to 2019

Read Our Work For the Year Report .....

Wed 02/10/2019 - The Regulator Conceals Shocking Failings at Care Home

A special report exposing the continuing dishonesty of  the regulator CQC 

Tue 01/10/2019 - Petition to Parliament Free Speech

This is a copy of my petition to Parliament highlighting our concerns regarding the continued mistreatment of Julian Assange and the negative impact this attack on journalism is having on both whistle-blowers and the public interest.

Sun 29/09/2019 - The Gavin MacFadyen Award Speech
Tue 17/09/2019 - The Halford Hall-Mark Of Deceit

Read the shocking facts about WBUK and APPG on whistle-blowing, The lobbying scandal is here our democracy is being bypassed,