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Tue 08/02/2022 - Our Open Letter To House Of Commons Public Standards
Tue 25/01/2022 - Blackmail Greed and Revenge Versus Genuine Whistleblowing

Our latest Whistleblowing Report

Tue 18/01/2022 - Open Letter to Priti Patel

Our open letter to Priti Patel regarding our concerns on placing asylum seekers to work in care homes and the risks, re whistleblowing protection, vocation, exploitation

Fri 14/01/2022 - Open Letter to DHSC re Social Care Rationing

Read our open letter to the secretary of state for health re the issue of councils rationing Social Care

Wed 15/12/2021 - Parliamentary Standards Committee
Tue 07/12/2021 - Response to BBC Panorama
Mon 06/12/2021 - Aged Care Crisis Report, Profit.

This report applies just as much to the UK, the issues of profit in care. This report is a must read if you wany to understand why profit drives down care standards.

Wed 01/12/2021 - Response to Office for the Whistleblower Debate

This report documents shocking evidence of dishonesty, please share this widely and contact your MPs

Tue 16/11/2021 - BBC Inside The Care Crisis

Read our response to this programme

Mon 15/11/2021 - The Richard Turner Award

This is the new Richard Turner Award.