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Who Will Defend The Indefensible CQC?

20th June 2017

To The Secretary of State for Health

Dear Mr Hunt,
My previous letter was referred back due to the election. I now want the following three questions answered without delay given the seriousness of the concerns.
A. What action do you intend to take regarding the Misconduct of Robert Francis, David Behan and Andria Sutcliffe of the CQC. In relation to the staggering Breach of Confidentiality which is substantiated by evidence?
Contempt for Evidence Report

B. Why have neither the Health Department or the CQC ever contacted me regarding my report “CQC An On-going Concern” When recent internal emails between yourselves and the CQC show the level of discussion involved resulting in private admission that the concerns I exposed were valid.

The CQC Web of Deceit Report 3

C. Why are the issues we exposed in “CQC an On-going Concern” continuing to occur when there is indisputable evidence that both yourselves and the CQC were aware of our valid concerns?
The CQC Motto, Lie, Lie and Lie again Report.

I suggest that urgent action is taken now to address all aspects of these issues as I can give you my absolute assurance that ignoring this evidence would not be an effective strategy as I will not be fobbed off.
If you choose to defend the CQC in light of the evidence then know well what it is you defend as I promise you will have to defend it in the face of growing public outrage.

Yours Sincerely

Eileen Chubb