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Whistle-blowing APPG : Press Release


Compassion in Care

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This charity represents those who have been, are, or likely to be victims of abuse, their families and whistle-blowers, your constituents.

On Wednesday July 3rd 2019 Parliament is due to debate whistle-blowing law and for that reason I ask that you urgently note the following crucial information.

I was the first to use and be failed by the current whistle-blowing law, PIDA.

I founded this charity as a result of the abuse I witnessed and the failure of the law to protect whistle-blowers. But I also must live with the fact that all that the BUPA 7 whistle-blowers did: including losing our jobs for whistleblowing was not enough to protect those vulnerable people who were subsequently abused in Isard House care home in the years that followed.

(See Private Eye 14/12/01 and 4/3/05) All 60 Private Eye articles on our work and fight for justice are available on request.

I have supported and gathered evidence from over 7000 whistle-blowers and over 5000 families whose loved suffered abuse or avoidable death as a result of silence.

We have serious concerns that the APPG on whistleblowing which has a dubious pro bounty hunting secretariat, WBUK, funded by the US bounty hunting law firm, Constantine Cannon.

We are absolutely opposed to bounty hunting, if you need a reward before raising concerns then you are not a whistle-blower because you are not acting in the public interest.

I have campaigned for nearly two decades for whistle-blowing protection see Ednas Law

Please see There is no ME in Whistle-blower by Eileen Chubb for full details on Edna’s law and our ground-breaking definition of the public interest element, which unlike the current law would only protect genuine whistle-blowers.

As an evidenced based Charity, the work that I have published for nearly two decades speaks for us.

Please do not allow the important issue of justice for whistle-blowers and public protection to be hijacked by those with no other agenda then personal gain.

Every day I speak to those who face losing everything because they did the right thing, they deserve better than this ethically compromised APPG.

Eileen Chubb

National Director

Compassion In Care

The Whistler: and BUPA 7 whistle-blower

For more details on Constantine Cannon being challenged see