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Where You Stand

If you can distance yourself from the suffering of human beings:

If you think in terms such as “shortening lives” rather than killing people:

If you can turn a blind eye to the truth and live with it:

If you can weigh the risks taken by Whistle-blowers and still betray their trust:

If you have the power to act, but choose to do nothing:

If you can tell others not to be emotive about the suffering of their loved ones:

If you can take funding from those implicated in abuse:

If you can promote any industrty or entity because they gave you money:

If you respect and can pay tribute to known abusers:

If you deal in law but aide injustice:

If you fail to challange what you know to be wrong:

If you can withhold information that you know would give others justice:

Then look closely at every cover-up, injustice and scandal in history, because there you stand.

Eileen Chubb Copyright Jan 2019