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Update on our work

We have been extremely busy in recent months and this is our first opportunity to report on our latest work.

In September channel four news did an in depth special report on our “stripped of all Pride” reports. Our reports feature the first published data on both LGBT+ Whistleblowers and victims of abuse.

The channel 4 film can be viewed here


This work resulted in a parliamentary debate by Helen hayes MP, The debate can be viewed here,


We also featured in the moving story of “Ted and Noel” The Film can be viewed here


As a result of this media coverage our helpline has been more busy than usual. We are currently working on our reports featuring evidence on regulators, ombudsmen, safeguarding and professional bodies. We called for evidence on this issue and expected to receive hundreds of response, to date we have received nearly twenty seven thousand witness statements. This is the largest piece of work we have ever undertaken and will be published in four volumes.