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To All MPs

Dear ( Each MP)

We are contacting you to inform you of serious concerns regarding the misconduct of the secretariat of the APPG on Whistle-blowing and the compromised “Office for the Whistle-blower” Law which will be put before MPS in the near future.

We are a long-established national Charity highlighting issues affecting your constituents.

We urge you to read the facts regarding the secretariat, WBUK who are currently under investigation by the FCA for their unlawful exploitation of whistle-blowers.

The Office for the Whistle-blower is based on the US system, a system which our extensive research shows to be failing genuine whistle-blowers throughout all US states.

Furthermore The “Office for the whistle-blower” is also based on the APPG report of July 2019 and challenged evidence from under 400 whistle-blower surveys.

We have gathered evidence from our national help-line from over 7000 whistle-blowers.

We have also supported almost 5000 family’s whose loved ones have been abused or died because whistle-blowers were ignored or staff too afraid to speak out.

6000 members of the public and whistle-blowers have signed the petition for Edna’s law.

Yet all this evidence has been ignored because it highlights the complete ineffectiveness of both the current law and all current proposed law changes.

I am one of the BUPA 7 whistle-blowers who were the first case to use the current UK law PIDA, which was fatally flowed from the start. PIDA was drafted by PCAW now called “Protect” who are both endorsing the APPG measures and pushing another ineffective law amendment of their own devising.

If a bridge collapsed because of poor design would you ask the same designer to build a replacement bridge? The common-sense answer would be no.

We have been calling for an acceptable inquiry into the BUPA 7 case for two decades and the list of cases of grave injustice and public harm has grown ever longer and still we wait. Justice can not be built whilst injustice stands. We ask your support for our calls an *acceptable inquiry into all these cases.

We also call for Ednas Law for the future protection of whistle-blowers.

Whistleblowing is a life preserver, perversely those pushing for public interest disclosure law, have not declosed their self-interest agendas.

We have nothing to gain from Ednas Law but the protection of those whose lives may depend on a whistle-blower speaking out.

This issue is a matter for all MPs so please take the time to read the attached report,

Further information can be found on page 3 or by visiting our website,

Eileen Chubb

National Director



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