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I have noticed a growing emphsis on pc language in social care, the latest taboo is do not call people vulnerable or a victim. It seems to me that in not calling people vulnerable we can place the blame on them if they are abused, infering thay should somehow have defended themselves. That by not using the word victim we can forget that we failed them.

This latest madness know no bounds, I have been told by care staff they should not use the word “toilet” but instead say “Bathroom” to a generation who may not have had bathrooms.

This lack of common sense left one care home resident crying ” I do not want a bath, its lunch time I need the toilet” 

Then we have a generation singing to old favourites such as ” My older man said follow the van” and ” This older man he played one he played two he played nick knack paddy wack”

Bearing in mind paddy may be racially abusive.

Lets put the effort into caring for people instead.