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There is No US whistle-blowing protection

By Eileen Chubb
© August 2018
There is no US law to protect whistle-blowing

As we have proven in the last week the US so called Whistle-blowing laws have nothing to do with Whistle-blowers at all, but are bounty hunting.
The US false claims act is a false claim in itself.

In the UK we have PIDA,the Public Interest Disclosure Act, that whilst referring to the public Interest was never able to define it. Edna’s law is different because it starts by a detailed and clear definition of what the public Interest is and demonstrates how PIDA and UK judges have got it so wrong. Please read the full report below which would not allow bounty hunting or other improper motives to qualify as whistle-blowing.

There Is No “ME” In Whistle-blower

The above report examines both motive but also the risk taken by the genuine Whistle-blower, the US system would class the following situation as whistle-blowing when clearly it is not anything of the sort.

An American customer, Mrs Jones buys 6 items of clothing from a UK firm. When the items arrive separately packaged and posted, Mrs Jones informs a lawyer who takes the case as whistle-blowing and obtains the bounty pay out.

Think about the following,
What risk did Mrs Jones take by phoning a lawyer?
What Financial loss or hardship did Mrs Jones endure, other than the cost of a telephone call?
What long term harm such as blaclklisting is Mrs Jones likely to incur?

Edna’s law recognises none of the above as whistle-blowing because none of the above is whistle-blowing.
Unfortunately organisations such as WBUK who are pro bounty hunting and as a result anti genuine Whistle-blowing.
When we have a UK law such as PIDA that has resulted in widespread injustice why compound that injustice by contemplating a US system that rewards self-interest and condemns public interest.