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The WBUK Malicious Allegations

We have been asked by our supporters to publish the WBUK alligations, as we have always published everything other than confidential helpline information this was entirely in line with our policy, We will be publishing a report later today also which will include more damning evidence. One of the alligations which appears to have been dropped by the Charity Commission already, is that Halford Hall WBUK had accused me of selling my book for personal gain on the website, obviously I have never done any such thing and furthermore can prove that all my royalties have been donated to this charity. Obviously I can prove all the alligations are blatant lies but this particular alligation has caused me huge distress as I have dedicated my life to this charity and have sacrificed holidays, sometimes even food and clothes to do the work I do.The reason why we have published this report will also become clearer. We have as a charity always gone beyond just being transparent, we have always been accountable to those who need us. I am horrified at the harm WBUK have done and continue to do, which commenced two days after we published the misconduct of WBUK. Would we have disclosed this wrongdoing had we known we would be targeted and smeared?, yes without question because if we do not stand up and report such abuses no matter who is committing them, than what is the point of it all. We will be publishing a further report today and lots more information in the next week.

Download Or View : Second-Response-To-The-Charity-Commission-26.08.20-final-draft_0.pdf