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The State of CQC

On 6th of July 2017 CQC publish its new report, I appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire Programme with Andrea Sutcliffe of The CQC, I also appeared on Chanel 4 News with former Health Minister Stephen Dorrel.
I highlighted the following concerns,
1.Many of the Concerns we receive via the help-line are about homes the CQC have rated Compliant.
2. We are aware of 47 Whistle-blowers whose identities have been disclosed to their employer by the CQC.
3.People who contact our help-line have already contacted the CQC and when no action is taken they contact us.
4. The care industry say they can not retain staff and argue this will be made worse by Brexit, however the very best staff,those who care enough to speak out about poor care are forced out of their jobs every day and are unable to find other work because they are Whistle-blowers.
5. Billions of pounds of Public money has been and continues to be poured into private company’s, some of these company’s and management teams have survived scandal after scandal and been registered and re-registered as new providers and given a clean slate by the CQC. Its not about how much we pay for social care its about who we pay. There should be accountability when that care is not provided.
6Every year for 18 years I have heard the same yearly rhetoric from regulators, Will I hear the same empty promises next year?

The suffering of Vulnerable people at the mercy of unscrupulous care Company’s must stop.

Eileen Chubb