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The Scandal Behind UK Whistle-blowing Law

The scandal behind UK Whistle-blowing Law

By Eileen Chubb©

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…….This report will give you the facts about the following and much more,

How whistle-blowers are being exploited by global corporates in compliance and law.

How the parliamentary system is being manipulated by unscrupulous lobbyists.

Whilst those making massive profits from the exploitation of whistle-blowers, our helpline is speaking to whistle-blowers that have no means of obtaining basics such as food.

How organisations including WBUK and Protect (Formally PCAW) are putting their business needs before those of whistle-blowers.

A full breakdown of the report published by WBUK on behalf of the APPG on whistleblowing on July 15th, 2019 and what it means for genuine whistle-blowers and the public.

How some media is being misled by PR spin and the implied Parliamentary authenticity that the APPG system gives to such scams and the wider questions this raises in relation to public trust.

How academics have profited from this exploitation by giving credibility to those such as The Robert Francis FTSU, Protect (formally PCAW) and WBUK law proposals. When these same academics have no understanding of genuine whistleblowing at all.

How the bounty hunting agenda and office for the whistle-blower is being pushed by law firms in the UK who have offices in the United states and why financial incentives are anti-public interest.

We ask how those with no idea about whistleblowing can be setting the agenda for whistle-blower protection……..

Breakdown of APPG Report on whistleblowing

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