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The Safeguarding and CQC shambles

Reading the attached Safeguarding Adults Review report into Morleigh care Homes has become an all too familier experience for me. There are many who would and have attacked this Charity for highlighting these failures again and again. I can not read of the years of suffering, repeated alarms being raised to safeguarding and the CQC by both whistleblowers and familys of abuse victims; and not feel rage at the imcompetance, indifference and total inability to take action.

Alas these types of reports are becoming a regular occurence but lessons are never learnt because there is no accountability in this process at all, a process which has become a way of averting responsability, saying look we have done this report and lets move forward,whilst the next disater of human suffering is already underway.

It is my curse to be able to imagine the suffering these vulnerable people endured hour after hour, day after day whilst all those in a position of power have strategy meeting after meeting, for year after year condemning more vulnerable to the same fate. Please read the report and remember these are not alerts but individual people who have suffered horrendous abuse and suffering for the want of real action.

Eileen Chubb

Download Or View : the_morleigh_group-safeguarding-review.pdf