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The Improved CQC?

There continues to be national press coverage for CQC inspections and those care homes rated inadaquate. However homes 85 and 86 in Tales of the Un-inspected are yet to recieve a new improved CQC inspection. These homes from hell were last inspected in early October 2014, 9 monthes ago, when the abysmal state of the care provided was again noted by the CQC but no further action taken. These homes were on the infamous list of 100 allegedly closed homes, a list that Compassion in Care and the magazine Private Eye Exposed as a complete sham the purpose of which could only be to make the CQC look like an effective regulator. 

At the heart of this sad story are whistle-blowers who cared enough to speak out, abusers given a free hand to abuse, vulnerable elders left to suffer systematic abuse and neglect and a regulator who puts all their effort into promoting themselves. 

The new improved CQC?  Not for those who have suffered for ten years and continue to suffer whilst the CQC pretend to be tough. 

Eileen Chubb