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The Gavin MacFadyen Award 2022

The Gavin MacFadyen Award 2022

The Winners of this years award are Computer Weekly and Karl Flinders for their work exposing the biggest miscarriage of justice in UK history, the Horizon Post Office Scandal.

In the words of whistleblowers

” Had it not been for Computer Weekly and Karl Flinders countless more completely innocent people would have had their lives ruined also”

” The injustice suffered by all those affected by the Post Office scandal is staggering, thank god for great journalism”

” Computer Weekly and Karl Flinders are the reason why this scandal was brought to public attention, this is the power of truly great journalism”

” The victims in this scandal had no voice, this is why great journalism matters, it makes all the difference in the world”

These are just a few of the many comments made.

Computer Weekly and Karl Flinders are well deserved winners and we are all so grateful that such exceptional investigative journalism exists because it makes the world a safer place.

Special Category Winner

We only have one special category this year, the journalist whose work most exemplifies the importance of a free press. The Winner is Julian Assange.

” As a whistleblower I can clearly remember the moment I was forced to go to the media to stop the abuse and it was only the media that got the abusers held to account, one day that media may not be there, this is why I am voting for Julian Assange”

” Putting a journalist in prison in the UK for publishing the truth, I never thought I would see such a thing in this country. I am truly afraid to live a world where such a thing could happen and am so ashamed of this country for allowing it”

Silence kills, allows abuse, injustice and all wrongdoing to continue unchecked. Silence thrives when we fail to protect truthtellers

The award presentations and interviews will be posted as soon as possible. We would like to thank every one of the record number of Whistleblowers who voted in years award.

Eileen Chubb