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The European Parliament Award 2020

I was so honoured to be on the shortlist of 6 nominees for this years award. Thank you to all at GUENGL. The award is dedicated to the couragous Daphne Caruana Galizia,

To be listed among such couragous people of integrity is such an honour,


Chelsea Manning

Glenn Greenwald

The Novartis Whistleblowers 

Omar Rojas Bolanos

Sincere Congratulations to the amazing and well desrved award winners, Corrective, The Novartis Whistleblowers and Chelsea Manning. 

I am so grateful that the work of Compassion In Care has been recognised by this nomination, especially at such a time, when it is such a struggle to get any response from the UK Government on human rights abuses that have occurred in UK care homes during covid19  please see, voices from the frontline, https://compassionincare.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Covid-Crisis-Special-Report-9-to-Boris-Johnson.pdf

When we are under attack for exposing the misconduct and dishonesty of those holding Parliamentary positions in the UK. To be nominated for such an award means so much to us. Standing up for the vulnerable with no voice and for all whistleblowers is something that should be easy, but instead in the world we live in, defending human rights makes you the enemy of Governments and the establishment. That is why this nomination means so much us, Thank you so much.