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The CQC Propaganda Continues

Compassion In Care has to expose the truth about CQC yet again.

The below story was published some weeks ago and portrays CQC as the concerned watchdog who disclose the worst performing care companies.


However what CQC do not disclose is that many of the very worst performing care companies were re-registered up to three times by CQC and had their past history’s either deleted or buried in an archive as an old provider.
The above story refers to Ideal Care Homes as being the worst of all the listed companies.
This is the same Ideal Care Homes we included in our 2015 report, CQC an On-going Concern. Indeed many of the company’s CQC allege they are now concerned about featured in our 2015 report.

CQC An On-Going Concern
Our Report was sent to the Health Minister who has have never replied to us despite subsequent internal emails showing our concerns were considered to be justified.

Internal Emails between CQC and the Ministers Office, Department of Health.
CQC Web of Deceit Report Part 3

This issue is just one of those valid issues we have repeatedly raised with Jeremy Hunt and we have yet to receive a response. It is quite clear that our concerns are backed up as always by solid evidence and yet the Health Department allow CQC misconduct to continue unchecked.

Eileen Chubb © April 2018