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The Care Industry Billions

The Below report published in November 2019 by The CHPI  is recommended reading especially at a time when those representing the Care Industry such as, Care England and The National Care Forum are using the Covid 19 crisis to once again call for more funding. Many small care homes may well be struggling but it can not just be assumed without a proper audit that care homes are running at a loss. Public money needs to be targeted at those genuinely in need.

Last nights Panorama looked at why sufficient stocks of PPE were not ordered for the NHS, however no one is asking care homes why they did not have sufficient or in many cases any stocks of PPE at all.

There is a glaring difference between the NHS and Social Care except when it comes to Covid 19 ,with half of all deaths expected to take place in care homes,  Which means Social Care Staff will be giving half of all Critical Covid Care.  However those staff have for over 4 weeks been calling our helpline to say they have only the usual plastic aprons (The same aprons a doctor told Panorama were useless protection) and gloves. Some care staff now have cheap ineffective masks but otherwise nothing has changed. The care industry is unaccountable for its actions or as in this case inaction.

Care England and the other fundraisers for the care industry will say its because they cannot afford to buy PPE or have preempted the clearly foreseeable crisis. The below report explains about the billions in profits that are untraceable and off shore.  Two decades running this Charity and taking calls from the distraught relatives of those abused and neglected in care, staff who care enough to whistle blow and are driven out of their jobs is clear evidence of a care industry that is unaccountable for its actions

Whilst Panorama and other national press are chasing the NHS scandal, the tragedy  in care homes has only just begun to unfold and its not about just PPE, its staff working on shambolic pay, demoralized and treated with contempt by their employers. To top it all we have CQC, a regulator who had to be told to start counting the dead before it occurred to them, who we have continually exposed as self serving, dishonest and downright useless. Needless to say people like Andrea Sutcliffe and David Behan of CQC were paid huge salaries, given honours and have gone through the revolving door to lucrative positions where they can cause more harm. 

David Behan is chair of HC1 a company whose profits and operating ethics are part of the below report. I do hope that this corruption and gravy train will be exposed for what it is but meanwhile whilst staff struggle and work in fear, vulnerable people die in huge numbers and yet the only voice that is heard is the fundraisers for the care industry.

What do I hope for in the post Covid world? That the sickening gravy train, immoral greed and self serving will no longer be honored when it should be prosecuted for Misconduct In a Public Office because the taxpayer is funding the care industries profits. 

Download Or View : CHPI-PluggingTheLeaks-Nov19-FINAL-care-report.pdf