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The Bounty Hunters Exposed

The Bounty Hunters Exposed

By Eileen Chubb ©

We have always been clear on the issue of Bounty Hunting, and have been among the very few who have not only opposed this but have repeatedly openly condemned Bounty Hunting as the enemy of every genuine Whistle-blower.

On Friday, August 24th I will be appearing on a panel about whistle-blowing at the By-line Festival. Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank the by-line and Frontline organisers for inviting me to appear on this panel and to also conduct a workshop on Sunday the 26th.

The Panel
As other members of Fridays panel include the lawyer Mary Inman from the American law firm, Constantine Noble, I must make it clear that we have never and will never have any association with this individual and the bounty hunting Law firm she represents. Whilst other organisations alleging to protect Whistle-blowers are happy to partner up with such individuals and promote their bounty hunting tactics, we know the real damage this is causing genuine whistle-blowers.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/edwardsiedle/2018/05/17/welcome-to-the-whis… See WBUK and Mary Innman “partner up”

https://www.wbuk.org/news/ See Item on taking part in the festival of education with Mary Inman (Constantine Noble)

Compassion In Care is proud to serve genuine whistle-blowers and it is of grave concern that an organisation such as WBUK would promote this firm.

We will not take part in such a platform without first making it abundantly clear that we are opposed to Bounty Hunting and the sickening legal gravy train that surrounds a practice that has nothing what so ever to do with the protection of whistle-blowers and which originates from a country that for example inflicted a life sentence on a genuine whistle-blower.
We hope to post film footage of this event soon.

No one could ever look at the Compassion in Care web-site and be left in any doubt about our stance on every issue. Compare this with for example the web-site of WBUK.

Why are we against Bounty Hunting?
On Monday August 19th I rang Mary Inmans law firm, Constantine Nobles London office posing as a Social care whistle-blower, I was put through to a lawyer and I said I was a whistle-blower who worked in a care home and was seeing vulnerable people being beaten and sedated on drugs that were not prescribed to them but which had been prescribed to deceased people and which should have been returned to pharmacy. This lawyer immediately honed in on the medication issue, asking me who was being defrauded by the theft of these drugs, Alas the question, who was being harmed by these drugs was not asked at all. Four times I said people were being beaten and got no reaction at all. The thrust of the information I was given related to the false Claims Act and how I could take a case if the company I worked for had traded on the American stock market, but only a case relating to fraud. I said I had reported my concerns internally to my employer and of course my disclosures had nothing to do with fraud but this fact did not seem relevant to the lawyer. I ended the call by saying I needed to discuss this with my fellow whistle-blowers and would get back to her.

I have always maintained that if the Bounty Hunting system were adopted here then abuse of vulnerable people and all genuine whistle-blowing concerns would be downgraded to of no value and not worth the laws protection. This phone call merely confirmed that.

If you need a financial incentive to report wrong doing then call it what it is, money for information but never refer to it as whistle-blowing because it is as far from whistle-blowing as it is possible to get.

I used the following article from the New York Times about Mary Inman and Constantine Noble in Sunday’s workshop, https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/07/business/dealbook/whistle-blower-law-…

I note that the case chosen to highlight how the firm operates with an alleged UK whistle-blower is not whistle-blowing at all.
A former employee of a knitwear firm is in an employment dispute with his employer; Andrew Patrick rang Constantine Noble who told him they could not help him with his employment issues. But Mr Patrick then mentions that his firm was avoiding US duty. Its clear Mr Patrick never blew the whistle on this to his employer but only after getting into a dispute with his former employer decides to spill the beans to the US embassy. This is not whistle-blowing but revenge. However Constantine Nobel used this information and Bounty money was paid to the alleged whistle-blower using the US false claims act.

Throughout the article reference is made to Mary Inman who says her firm has asked the UK authority’s for years to bring in such laws.
Constantine Nobel has set up a London based office headed up by Mary Inman who is in charge of the European whistle-blowing section of the firm and who according to the article is “quietly mining for cases in Britain and Europe”
Whistle-blowers are labelled as “tipsters” and UK citizens are urged to take advantage of US whistle-blowing law and the economic opportunity’s they offer to make money.

Meanwhile we continue daily to support the thousands of genuine whistle-blowers who do the right thing and are left without even the basics such as food as a result of whistle-blowing. We also continue to support the thousands of family’s who loved ones have suffered loss of life or horrendous abuse and suffering because whistle-blowers were ignored or because staff were too frightened to speak out.

Yes I am disgusted at those who support this gravy train of bounty hunting; no decent human being could spend an hour on the Compassion in Care helpline and fail to be equally disgusted by the antics of such lawyers and those organisations that support such antics whilst purporting to be helping whistle-blowers.

WBUK has already threated Compassion In Care for saying we have nothing to do with them, I said they could put out the same message about Compassion in Care as I could not ever put enough distance between us and them.
I say it again we have nothing to do with neither them nor their partners and we are proud of it.

We continue to fight for Edna’s which will protect all genuine whistle-blowers across all sectors equally.
Genuine whistle-blowers do not want rewards but Justice.

Please see https://compassionincare.com/breakingthesilence/there-is-no-me-in-whistle-blower/
And the home page of this site for the link to our petition on Ednas Law