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Support us on September 10th

Please come and support our protest on September 10th ( 12 -2pm) At Parliament Sq. We will be holding a peaceful protest that will remember all victims of silence including those abused in care homes and hospitals. We are calling for Ednas Law, which would protect whistle-blowers and hold those responsible for abuse to account. Please help us to break the silence that allows all abuse to occur. Hundreds of people are coming from all over the country, both whistle-blowers and those who have lost loved ones. At 2pm all placards and flags will be lowered and pictures of those lost or abused because whistle-blowers were ignored or too afraid to speak out will be held up whilst two minutes of BREAKING the silence takes place. We want thousends to blow whistles to remember all those who could have been saved.

As a whistle-blower I will be remembering all those I saw abused, assaulted, neglected and starved. We rightfully remember all those lost during the Great War, G lost her father and two brothers, I saw G tortured and abused when she should have been safe. Her treatment shames us all. Please come and stand with us, your support matters.  

Eileen Chubb