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Sunday Times Care home injuries?

Page 10 of today’s Sunday Times features a story about ” 100 Elderly people a day badly hurt in care homes”

CQC Chief Social Care inspector Andrea Sutcliffe says “I am glad that care home providers are notifying us of serious of serious injuries that occur within their services”

The 100 people a day number was released by CQC, how accurate is this number?
How truthful is Andrea Sutcliffes statement?

Our evidence shows that it is the homes rated good by the CQC that we receive the most complaints about for example Sussex Health Care, Orchard Lodge a home now under investigation by Police which was rated good by the CQC in all areas including reporting serious incidents until CQC were informed it was not good after all. Our editorial on this from last week highlights this issue, Sussex Healthcare and CQC Failings

The latest inspection report for this home also highlights that during the course of the inspection staff tell inspectors about a number of incidents that had not been reported and this is in a home under more scrutiny than most.

We are have FOI data which have been analysed for us by,Care Home Data, which show the numbers of reported incidents at Orchard Lodge to be none which tells us quite a lot.

In light of Andrea Sutcliffes statement, well the last time she mentioned the number 100 was when she said a hundred care homes closed.
I recently said on channel 4 news that I had asked the NHS for data on the number of people admitted to hospital from a care home, they were unable to provide this data, so elderly people admitted to hospital as a result of lack of care.are then blamed for bed blocking ,adding insult to injury. Public money is being paid for care that is not provided and we have a care home regulator who can not get their head out of the sand and are incapable of telling the truth.