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Smearing Whistle-blowers

No End To Smear Campaigns.

I have known Ian Perkin the NHS Whistle-blower for a number of years and know that he is a genuine Whistle-blower and a man of great integrity. Anyone who read all the evidence in Ian Perkins Whistle-blowing case could only conclude that a grave injustice has taken place.

The QC defending the NHS employer against Ian Perkin was Simon Devonshire QC, who was recently discovered to be publicly referring to Ian Perkin as “ A Self Proclaimed Whistle-blower”
We would point out to Simon Devonshire that his remarks are both untrue and unjust. Much has been taken from Ian Perkin whose name was dragged through the mud for doing the right thing, but even now all these years later he is still being smeared.

We proclaim Ian Perkin to be a Whistle-blower because he has served the public interest, the same can not be said of Simon Devonshire QC.