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Shocking Negligence by CQC

Today I watched the video of the CQC Board Meeting for April 2017 and was truly shocked by what I heard, The chair asked if there was a definitive description of a Whistle-blower and was informed that PIDA set out those proscribed persons who could take a claim to an Employment Tribunal. Robert Francis QC, the man who judged the first whistle-blowing inquiry could not answer this and just said it was a complicated issue and that Tribunals had long deliberations on this.The fact that that a whistle-blower needed to go to a Tribunal before the CQC could consider them a whistle-blower is bad enough, that the CQC could not identify what a whistle-blower was says it all. We are aware of cases where the CQC have informed employers of Whistle-blowers identities which has resulted in them losing their jobs.
What is the difference between a whistle-blower and a proscribed person? The whistle-blower informs the proscribed person of their concerns unfortunately for whistle-blowers in Health and Social Care the CQC are a proscribed body for reporting concerns to.
Watch the CQC video.

Eileen Chubb
Copyright May 2017