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Restrictions and Evictions, The CQC Guidance

The BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme on the 2nd of November 2016 exposed that bans and evictions were happening as a result of raising concerns about a care home.

We would like to thank BBC Journalist Sangita Myska for helping us to expose the scale of this issue.


We raised this issue with the Social Care Minister in September 2015, see our report Relative Retribution.

As a result of the BBC broadcast the CQC issued what they describe as focused information developed in partnership with partners. This information cites the regulations and the questions asked to ensure complaints are dealt with and visiting rights are not restricted. This guidance amounts to what is expected from a care home and all the regulations CQC are confident ensure compliance with this issue.

In the 60 cases of bans and evictions we deal with EVERY year there is one common theme, the CQC rated the homes in question GOOD in All the areas they cite in their guidance. It can only be concluded that the CQC are yet again the last to know what is going on and clueless as to what to do about it.

Eileen Chubb
Copyright November 2016