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Private Eye Win The Gavin MacFadyen Award

As both a whistle-blower who has seen first hand the systematic torture of vulnerable people and through my work with thousands of Whistle-blowers from all sectors who have contacted The Compassion in Care and The Whistler Help-line.
I know what every Whistle-blower has to fight can be summed up in one word, and that word is silence.
Because it is Silence that allows the perpetrators of All abuse, torture, Injustice, corruption and every other evil to thrive, and it is Silence that allows those who harbour the perpetrator’s to thrive.
Whistle-blowers alone can not fight the Silence, only the media can help them.
I soon learned as a Whistle-blower that reporting abuse is one thing but stopping abuse is quite another. It was the media that helped me.
We live in times of unprecedented attacks on free speech, Whistle-blowers hounded, Jailed and blacklisted, the media attacked sanctioned and controlled.
The Gavin MacFayden award is the ONLY award given to journalists by whistle-blowers, to celebrate all that is great Journalism, but also to raise awareness of the importance of a free press and to inspire the Journalists of tomorrow.
When even the threat of legal action is allowed to stifle the truth we are all at peril but those at most peril are the victims of abuse, torture and injustice, those with no voice.
In recognition of decades of great journalism, the inaugural Gavin Macfaden award has been won by Private Eye. In special recognition of decades of great journalism which has helped countless whistle-blowers expose wrong-doing but uniquely Private Eye gives us the whole story which includes, the culture within organisations that punish whistle-blowers the failures of the authority’s to act and how the justice system fails whistle-blowers.
For protecting their sources, and for publishing those facts that would never otherwise be made public.
Whistle-blowers, and all those whose lives may depend on whistle-blowers owe a debt of gratitude to Private Eye.

Eileen Chubb