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Private Eye July 27th

26th July 2017
To Secretary of State for Health

Dear Mr Hunt,
Further to my previous letters, too many to list and all of which remain unanswered, It is clear that you intend to ignore the serious issues of Misconduct in Public Office brought to your attention.
I draw your attention to page 38 of tomorrows Private Eye which highlights the suffering of vulnerable people at homes which were previously brought to your attention over a year and a half ago in my report “CQC An-going Concern” and my repeated attempts to get you to act before any more people suffered and died.
On August 18th at 1pm we will gather outside the Health Department, Richmond House and are calling on the public to support us in a peaceful demonstration to call for the CQC and all those who chose to ignore serious concerns and defend CQC to be held to account for their actions.
As stated in my previous correspondence, know well what it is you defend, for you will have to defend it in the face of public outrage. That public outrage is now at your door.

Yours Sincerely

Eileen Chubb