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Pretence of Protection from Blacklisting

The latest Government announcement that Whistle-blowers are allegedly to be protected from Blacklisting is a complete joke.
Firstly most Whistle-blowers can not afford to access the legal system at all, for the obvious reason that they have lost their job for whistle-blowing and do not have the financial means for either legal representation or the deposit that must be paid to access the tribunal. Even if they overcome these often insurmountable hurdles they have to use PIDA, The Public Interest Disclosure Act, which is completely flawed. PIDA is both Public Interest and Whistle-blower Hostile.

Yet the Government proudly announces that Whistle-blowers can take a case to an Employment Tribunal for redress if they are Blacklisted. They may as well have told Whistle-blowers to climb Mount Everest blindfolded and shackled. This is not justice, its a sticking plaster to hide the ever widening cracks. Whistle-blowers are not protected and until we have Ednas Law people will continue to die because the concerns raised by Whistle-blowers were ignored and covered up.

Eileen Chubb