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Press Conference.

2pm on June 27th 2014 a press conference will take place at

The Free Word Conference Centre 60 Farringdon Rd, London EC1R 3GA

Why are Whistle-blowers still being failed?

The event will be attended by,

Dr Kim Holt, Patients First, a Senior doctor at St Anns Hospital London. Dismissed after raising concerns during the baby peter abuse scandal.

Ian Perkin, Former head of finance at St Georges Hospital, dismissed after raising concerns about cancelled operations.

Alyson O,Connell, A NHS nurse who lost her job after raising concerns about patient care.

Eileen Chubb Bupa 7 whistle-blower and founder of Compassion In Care, co founder of The Whistler.

Gavin Macfadyen CIJ and co founder of the Whistler.

The discussion will look at why Whistle-blowers are being being failed by the law. At a time when abuse scanals are becoming an almost daily news item how to break the silence that allows all abuse to happen has never been more important. This event is part of our ongoing campaign to protect whistle-blowers.