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Pop-up Protest, Wednesday May 27th



Wednesday May 27th, at 3.15pm.

Downing Street.

Please support us and stand with Edna.

This is a instant pop up protest, we want people to stand at intervals along the pavement from Downing Street towards Westminster. At 3.30 everyone holds up a placard saying “ I am Edna” This will last for 15 minutes.

Please bring your own home made placard if possible but there will be a supply available for those who are unable to make their own.

Remember this is a pop up protest, so please keep your placard concealed until exactly 3.30. The event will be filmed and photographed.

At 3.45 for those who wish to join us, a room will be available in the House of Commons ( Special thanks to Payday Network for arranging this) where Eileen Chubb will speak on the issue of mandatory reporting. Details on the day.

Please support this and give just 15 minutes of your time to stop all abuse and save lives.

Thank You